Historic Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Dough Bowl ca. 1880s [SOLD]


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Once Known Native American Potter

This outstanding historic dough bowl was made by an Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo artist. Adobe Gallery has handled many historic Ohkay Owingeh pieces over the years. We do so, continuously and enthusiastically, because we believe that there is incredible depth and beauty in these seemingly simple red or black vessels. What they lack in intricate design they more than make up for in elegance and character. Early utilitarian pieces with visible wear patterns excel in that regard.

This bowl, which dates to the 1880s, is an excellent example of the rich beauty of historic Ohkay Owingeh pottery. Works from this era use either the red-over-tan or the black-over-gray style, with variations in firing methods determining coloration. This bowl was fired to achieve the red-over-tan style, with red slip covering the upper two thirds of the exterior and an earthy tan tone down below. The interior displays the tan tone as well.

Notice the interplay between the red and tan tones and the manner in which they support and enhance one another—this is remarkably beautiful work, achieved using nothing more than the clay that is native to the Rio Grande region. Thick, dark fire clouds appear, concentrated mostly around the base, adding an additional dimension of beauty through a surprisingly complementary tone.

Measuring nearly seventeen inches in diameter, this is a large and impressive piece with a beautiful shape. There is a slight lean to one side, which can easily be corrected should the owner wish to do so. The bowl displays an appealing patina and wear pattern from use, which enhances the beauty immeasurably.

Condition: Very good condition, with visible wear from use in the form of slip abrasions and small rim chips. One vertical crack appears, traveling about four inches down from the rim

Provenance: this Historic Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo Dough Bowl ca. 1880s is from a private collection

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Alternate view of this dough bowl.

Once Known Native American Potter
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