Hopi-Tewa Pottery Jar with Bird Designs by Dianna Tahbo


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Dianna Tahbo, Hopi-Tewa Potter

Artist Signature - Dianna Tahbo, Hopi-Tewa Potter

This early Hopi-Tewa pottery jar by artist Dianna Tahbo, made in 2001, is elegant in its simplicity.  Two stylized Sikyatki birds rest on its shoulder. They are bold and colorful with dark brown predominating and deep red and brick red on their throat.  The rim is red and the body is a soft yellow.

Dianna Tahbo (1941-2011) was a sister of Mark Tahbo (1958-2017).  Her grandmother was Alma Tahbo and her great-grandmother was Grace Chapella.  She was an accomplished potter during the 30 active years she worked. She was greatly influenced by her brother Mark.  It does not appear that she was a prolific potter however. There are few of her works available.

Condition: this Hopi-Tewa Pottery Jar with Bird Designs by Dianna Tahbo is in original condition

Provenance: from a collection of contemporary pottery of a family from New Jersey

Recommended Reading: Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham

Reference: Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies, by Gregory Schaaf. 

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Alternate view of this Hopi-Tewa Jar.

Dianna Tahbo, Hopi-Tewa Potter
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