Hopi Hochani Katsina Doll, circa 1940 [SOLD]


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Artist Unknown

Barton Wright describes this katsina as having probably been introduced to the Hopis from the Rio Grande Pueblos.  He states that his name is the Keresan term for Chief or Headman.  Legend has it that he was a Hopi who went to live in the Rio Grande during adverse times and returned bringing presents to the Hopi.  He may appear in Kiva Dances in the winter but most frequently is seen in the Mixed Katsina Dances in the spring.

Formerly, Hochani was a much more popular katsina than he is at present.  He is danced, but not as frequently.

This doll was carved from a single piece of cottonwood root, with ears and snout added separately. The arms are tightly tucked into the torso. The blue face and moccasin paint is mineral in origin. The doll stands unaided. These factors easily attribute to a date of circa 1940. This is an exceptional carving.

Condition: this Hopi Hochani Katsina Doll, circa 1940 is in very good condition

Provenance: from the extensive collection of a family from Oklahoma.

Reference: Kachinas—a Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Barton Wright with original paintings by Cliff Bahnimptewa


Close up view of the Katsina.