Hopi Pueblo Small Pottery Jar with Elongated Neck Design [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

The Hopi Pueblo potter chose a narrow and elongated design for the short body and a step design for the long neck, perhaps representing the Hopi mesas. One wonders whether she made the jar with this design in mind or whether she made the jar and then decided on an appropriate design to paint on her creation.  In any case, we think she expertly chose the correct designs for the vessel shape as it is very pleasing to the eye and the symmetry of the vessel.

At first glance, this jar appears to be only brown pigment on yellow clay, but on closer examination, there is a minimum amount of red in the design and red around the top of the rim, therefore, it is a polychrome jar. The jar has a short body with an exaggerated width, then rises with a long vertical neck. 

Condition: this Hopi Pueblo Small Pottery Jar with Elongated Neck Design is in very good condition with some abrasions to the painted design.

Provenance: from a private collection

Recommended Reading: Contemporary Hopi Pottery by Laura Graves Allen

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Pueblo Potter Unknown
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