Hopi-Tewa Small Jar with Stylized Bird Design [SOLD]


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Sadie Adams (1905-1995) Flower Woman

Image of Sadie Adams Hopi Pueblo - Source Unknown“Daughter Lorna Lomakema said, ‘My mother was the greatest person.  After our father died when I was seven, she raised us all by herself, supporting us with her pottery.  She did everything for us kids.  To help me go to nursing school, she took her pots, went to Lorenzo Hubbel and asked for a loan.  She made him pots for years.  She was a great mother.” Schaaf 1998:29

Sadie Adams was considered one of the finest Hopi potters of the 20th century.  The Museum of Northern Arizona has a major collection of her pottery amassed over many years.  She received many awards for her pottery and she has been published in numerous national and regional publications.

Flower Hallmark - Sadie Adams (1905-1995) Flower WomanThis small jar was painted solely in brown pigment.  There are two stylized eagle designs on opposing sides, and two back-to-back semi circles and triangles on opposing sides.  The jar is signed with her flower hallmark.  There is a slight tilt to the jar.

Condition: very good condition

Reference Reading: Schaaf, Gregory. Hopi-Tewa Pottery 500 Artist Biographies

Provenance: from an estate of a college professor from Illinois

Image of Sadie Adams Hopi Pueblo - Source Unknown

Sadie Adams (1905-1995) Flower Woman
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