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Kewa Pueblo Historic Deep Dough Bowl


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Inside view of this dough bowl.

Dough bowls come in various sizes, depending on their intended use.  Some are very large—17 inches or more—for those times when bread is being prepared for large crowds at feast days; smaller ones—12 inches or less—for those days when just a few loaves are being prepared.  This dough bowl is of the smaller size.  The advantage of smaller ones like this is that they can be used for serving food or other functions when not in use for letting the dough rise. 

This bowl features a creative and unusual design in which a potter expressed her artistic abilities rather than apply the same design seen on so many bowls of the period.  The bowl has a polished cream skip on the interior and exterior, both of which have acquired an aged and warm patina, suggesting that the bowl is approaching a hundred years of age.


Condition: this Kewa Pueblo Historic Deep Dough Bowl is in very good condition with one rim chip

Provenance: from a private Southwest Indian Pottery collection from Colorado

Recommended Reading: A River Apart – The Pottery of Cochiti & Santo Domingo Pueblos, 2008, edited by Valerie K. Verzuh 

Alternate view of side panel design of this dough bowl.

C3924J-bowl.jpgC3924J-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.