Left Handed Katsina on a Corn Cob Body [SOLD]


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Artist Unknown

Close up view of the front of the face.

Corn is a significant ceremonial and life sustaining item for the Hopi.  It is used in almost all ceremonies in some manner.  Katsinas, too, are significant beings for the Hopi.  It is no wonder, then, that they used the face of a katsina and placed it on a corn cob body.  This style doll is primarily made for younger children.

This katsina doll is not signed with the name of a maker so it was probably made by a Hopi male and presented as a gift to a Hopi female.  Such gifts are never signed by the maker.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: from the extensive collection of a family from Oklahoma who purchased it from Gustaffson Gallery in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Recommended Reading: Rain - Native Expressions from the American Southwest by Ann Marshall

Close up view of the back of the head.

Artist Unknown
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