Modern Polished Blackware Candlestick Pair


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

An unknown San Ildefonso Pueblo potter made this amazing pair of polished blackware pottery candlesticks. The artist created an identical pair, with wide bases and twisted stems. The holes at the top measure about three quarters of an inch in diameter and about two inches in depth. These candlesticks look beautiful with or without candles.

What is most notable about these candlesticks is the polished exterior. The slip was treated with an intense stone polish process, resulting in the type of finish that is often referred to as "gunmetal." They are glassy and reflective, which is typical of polished blackware but elevated here to a notable intensity. It is remarkable that this type of visual impact can be created using only clay, and the candlestick form seems to work well with this particular slip treatment.

The underside of one candlestick is inscribed with a letter M. The other one displays the letter I.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Modern Polished Blackware Candlestick Pair is from a private collection

Recommended Reading: Collections of Southwestern Pottery: Candlesticks to Canteens, Frogs to Figurines by Allan Hayes and John Blom


Pueblo Potter Unknown
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