Original Mixed Media Illustration of Katsina and Hummingbird [SOLD]


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Michael LaCapa (1956-2005)

Michael LaCapa (1956-2005) was a Hopi-Tewa painter, illustrator and storyteller who was of Hopi-Tewa and Apache descent.  LaCapa obtained a degree in Art Education from Arizona State University, and took graduate courses in Fine Art from Northern Arizona University.  He was offered and accepted a position as an assistant professor, but he ultimately decided to focus his energy on his artwork. Illustration proved to be a wise path for LaCapa, allowing him to support his family without relying on outside employment.  Today, he is best known for having illustrated children’s books, most of which contain Native imagery and were geared towards Native audiences.

This brightly colored, energetic mixed-media illustration will appeal to collectors who appreciate non-traditional interpretations of Hopi imagery.  Here, LaCapa created a Katsina that appears to be waving in the direction of the viewer. Surrounding the Katsina is a series of brightly colored abstract designs and symbols.  In between the Katsina and the viewer is a single bright blue hummingbird. Their placement makes it appear as if the Katsina and the hummingbird are greeting one another. All of this is placed on the far-right side of the piece, over a background of blue and yellow dots that intensifies in the area surrounding the Katsina.

Michael LaCapa (1956-2005) signature.The painting is framed and matted in a notably unique fashion.  An additional quadrilateral has been removed from the otherwise rectangular matte, allowing the artist’s signature, date (1995), and a title reading “Mumguwa (sic) and Hummingbird” to be visible to the viewer.  It’s an unusual choice that works well with this decidedly nontraditional composition.

Condition: this Original Mixed Media Illustration of Katsina and Hummingbird is in excellent condition

Provenance: from the collection of a Santa Fe resident who is downsizing.  This collector purchased it directly from the artist.

Close up view of the katsina and Hummingbird images in this painting.

Michael LaCapa (1956-2005)
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