Polychrome Jar by Marianne Navasie [SOLD]


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Marianne Navasie, Hopi-Tewa Potter

Artist Hallmark signature of Marianne Navasie (1951-2007) Hopi PuebloThis Hopi-Tewa polychrome pottery jar was created by Marianne Navasie. It is completed in the style of her ancestors, Paqua Naha and Joy Navasie.

A single design band covers most of the jar's exterior. Within this band, a variety of traditional Hopi elements appear. The brown and red pigments are beautiful, and the painting is precise and consistent. The highly polished white slip is similarly appealing. Navasie wisely chose to polish the entire piece, including the base and the interior.

It is marked with the artist's variation of the family's frog symbol. The bottom of the jar is signed with the traditional frog symbol and an "M." Earlier in her career, Navasie used the frog symbol and a tadpole, to signify her place in the family tree. Later, she switched to the "M" that is seen here.

Marianne Navasie (1951-2007) was a Hopi-Tewa potter and a member of the Kachina Clan. Marianne was the granddaughter of Paqua Naha, the first Frog Woman, and the daughter of Joy Navasie, the second Frog Woman. Marianne was taught how to make pottery by her mother, which led to her continuing the style her family had established. She was active as a potter from 1970 until her passing in 2007.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Polychrome Jar by Marianne Navasie is from the collection of Bob and Louise Sluder, dealers/collectors who were active from the mid-50s through the 90s

Reference: Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

TAGS: Southwest Indian PotteryHopi/TewaPaqua NahaContemporary PotteryHopi PuebloJoy NavasieMarianne Navasie

Alternate view of this modern pottery vessel.

Marianne Navasie, Hopi-Tewa Potter
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