Carved Wedding Vase with Sun Face Designs


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Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

This blackware wedding vase was made in 1979 by Reycita Cosen of Santa Clara Pueblo. Its form, which places slim spouts atop a wide base, is strong and appealing. The two spouts point up and just slightly away from each other, with braided bands of clay forming a bridge between their interior edges. The exterior is slipped and beautifully polished.

Artist signature of Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterCarved designs appear, with all elements centered around the round body's widest point. Two large sun face designs appear, with additional horizontal lines linking them together. Additional elements appear on the body beneath the spouts. The way the carved elements are arranged works well with the vessel shape, and the piece as a whole is quite impressive.

The bottom of the vase is signed and dated Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara, 6-15-79.

Reycita Cosen (1927-2012) was a Santa Clara Pueblo potter. Cosen received multiple awards at Santa Fe Indian Market. Her mother Pasqualita Baca was a potter, as was her aunt, Nestora Silva. Cosen's sister Helen Shupla was also a notable potter.

What is the Purpose of a Wedding Vase?

Condition: good condition with some slip abrasions

Provenance: this Carved Wedding Vase with Sun Face Designs is from a private collection

Reference: Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies, Gregory Schaaf

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Alternate view of this pottery wedding vase.

Reycita Cosen, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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