San Ildefonso Pueblo Black on Black Pottery Bowl signed Anna


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Maximiliana Montoya Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery

Alternate side view of this plate.

This shallow bowl, made by Maximiliana Montoya Martinez, has an intriguing design layout.  The surface was stone polished to provide a burnished surface for placing the matte design.  The bowl was divided into two design sections divided by a one-inch band across the middle.  The upper half has a sun as a focal point.  Above the sun is an arch that could represent a rainbow.  It is then surrounded by an arch at the rim of the bowl.  Each end of the arch expands into rain.  Just below the sun is a line of half circles representing clouds.  

Below the middle of the bowl, the design continues with a theme of rain.  The five matte black triangles are rain clouds, and the fine lines with spirals at the end likely represent rain and wind.

Artist Signature of Maximiliana Montoya Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo PotterThe back of the bowl was stone polished and the name Anna was carved into the clay.

Maximiliana Montoya Martinez, or Anna, (1885-1955) as she was known, was the eldest sister of Maria Martinez. She was an early maker of Black-on-black as well as Polychrome pottery. Her shapes were refined, and her burnishing was excellent. In addition to painting designs on her pottery, she also assisted Maria by painting some of her pottery. Maria stated that Anna would assist her when the men were out in the fields.  Anna's husband, Crescencio Martinez (1879-1918), painted some of Anna's pottery and it is known that he, too, painted designs on some of Maria's pottery before Julian started assisting Maria.

Condition: good structurally, with some surface abrasions and one minor rim chip.

Provenance: this San Ildefonso Pueblo Black on Black Pottery Bowl signed Anna is from the collection of a resident of Oklahoma

Recommended Reading: The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez by Richard Spivey

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