San Ildefonso Pueblo Polished Red Bowl by Julian and Maria Martinez [SOLD]


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Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

Photo Source: Wikipedia.  Maria Martinez, shown with physicist Enrico Fermi, circa 1948.One is so accustomed to seeing San Ildefonso Pueblo black or black-on-black pottery made by Julian and Maria Martinez in the early twentieth century that it is unexpected to see a plain red polished and undecorated bowl signed with both their names.  Usually, when Julian’s name is on a vessel, it is because Maria expected him to paint a design on it. Why is this one not decorated? There is no absolute known reason but one thought is that Maria signed both names with the intent of having Julian decorate it but Julian did not notice his name on it so he fired it without decorating it.  There are many examples of paling polished black bowls by Maria that have no decoration so firing this one without decoration is not unexpected.

The shape of the bowl is astonishing.  As the wall rises upward there is a slight indentation before it rolls outward at the rim.  Looking inside, one can see that flexure more easily. The stone polishing on the exterior was done in a horizontal stroke whereas on the inside, it was a vertical stroke.

This bowl dates to circa 1930s or very early 1940s, as Julian passed away in 1943.  It is totally polished on the inside and underside. It is absolutely a jewel, with a high luster and without wear. Some of the most beautiful pottery vessels made by Maria are the plain, polished and undecorated bowls and jars. Their beauty is in the shape and burnish, and decoration is unnecessary.  It is signed Marie + Julian.

Condition: very good condition with minor scratches and abrasions that are so insignificant that they are basically not noticeable.

Provenance: fthis San Ildefonso Pueblo Polished Red Bowl by Julian and Maria Martinez is rom the collection of a family from Arizona

Artist Photo Source: Wikipedia.  Maria Martinez, shown with physicist Enrico Fermi, circa 1948.

Reference and Recommended Reading:  The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez by Richard L. Spivey

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Artist Signatures - Julian and Maria Martinez