San Juan Red over Tan Large Historic Pottery Bowl [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This is a very traditional San Juan Pueblo Red-on-tan bowl dating to the period 1910-1930. The upper half of the vessel was slipped in red clay from the pueblo and then stone-polished to a high luster. It is a beautiful deep dark red of the color seen in pre-1900 vessels. The underbody is the natural, un-slipped, tan clay of the full vessel that was stone polished without the addition of slip. The natural un-slipped interior of the bowl was stone polished as well.  The potter swiped red slip in various areas of the interior.

The shape of the bowl is very pleasing. It flares out from the bottom to form a globular body that gracefully curves inward before rising to a short neck that has a gentle concave shape. There is a noticeable rim at the top of the neck. There are beautiful fire clouds on the tan underbody that add tremendously to the beauty of the vessel.

This is one of the nicest San Juan jars we have had in the gallery.  The stone polishing was exceptional, and the added red slip on the interior tan wall is unexpected and appreciated.

According to Batkin¹, pottery making at San Juan almost died out by 1900 except for an occasional piece made for household use or for sale or trade. There was a revival in the 1930s, but it was of a different style. It is difficult to find pieces of this size from this time.

Condition: exceptional condition

Provenance: this San Juan Red over Tan Large Historic Pottery Bowl is from the estate of a previous client of ours who had impeccable taste and purchased accordingly. 

¹Reference: Pottery of The Pueblos of New Mexico: 1700-1940, by Jonathan Batkin. 1987. The Taylor Museum of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. 

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Alternate view of the inside of this bowl.

Pueblo Potter Unknown
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