Santa Clara Pueblo Globular Pottery Seed Jar with Hummingbird Design by Debra Trujillo Duwyenie [SOLD]


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Debra Trujillo Duwyenie, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Debra Trujillo (1955- ) signature

This magnificent red seed jar by Debra Trujillo Duwyenie of Santa Clara Pueblo is highly decorated in the sgraffito style, features a single hummingbird feasting on the nectar of a group of flowers  The sgraffito scene is in a circle surrounded by a band of triangles. A butterfly hovers as if waiting for its turn at the nectar. The remainder of the piece is stone polished red. The jar is signed on the underside Debra-Harvey Santa Clara Pueblo and dated 2-6-84.  It was beautifully executed and magnificently designed.

Debra Trujillo (1955- ) is the niece of Minnie Vigil, Lois Gutierrez, Goldenrod Garcia and Thelma Talachy, as her father was their brother. Her mother was Genevieve Gutierrez and her grandmother was Petra Gutierrez. She is now Debra Duwyenie and married to Hopi potter Preston Duwyenie. Debra started collaborating with Harvey Chavarria at some point, probably in the 1980s, but I cannot determine an actual date or the length of time they worked together, probably a very short time as he passed away in 1991.

I have not been able to attach a family tree to Harvey Chavarria (1943-1991). I assume he was related in some manner to Stella Chavarria, who is a daughter of Teresita Naranjo, but I cannot verify that.

Condition: this Santa Clara Globular Pot with Hummingbird Design is in original excellent condition.

Provenance: from collection of a resident of Texas who purchased it in the 1980s

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Debra Trujillo Duwyenie, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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