Santa Clara Pueblo Black Round Pottery Seed Jar with Medallion Design by Art Cody Haungooah


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Art Cody Haungooah, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Artist Signature - Art Cody Haungooah, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterA Mimbres Ram occupies a desert brown medallion as the focal design on the highly-polished black seed jar from Santa Clara Pueblo.  The artist, Haungooah, also known as Art Cody, made the jar in an unknown time as it is stamped only with his initials AH.  

The body of the Mimbres ram is circular in shape and contains the head of an Avanyu: the artist’s reimagining a Mimbres design for today’s audience. The Mimbres ram and the circle with it were stone polished, the remainder of the medallion left in matte beige color.  

Haungooah means “sunlight reflecting off a buffalo horn” in the Kiowa language. Art Cody was the grandson of famous Kiowa ledger artist Silver Horn, who was known as Haungooah.  Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, the younger Haungooah became an innovative artist. In the late 1960s, Cody was among the first artists to use the sgraffito technique on pueblo pottery. He married a talented Santa Clara Pueblo potter, Martha Suazo, who encouraged him to decorate her pieces. Together they won numerous prizes during the 1970s. They signed their work “Haungooah” in honor of Cody’s grandfather. When Martha passed away sometime after 1979, he continued to create and decorate his own work, until his untimely death only a few years later in 1985.

Conditionthis Santa Clara Pueblo Black Round Pottery Seed Jar with Medallion Design by Art Cody Haungooah is in original condition

Provenance: from the collection of a family from Santa Fe

Recommended Reading:  An Ancient Craft is a Thriving Art in New Mexico,  published in New Mexico Magazine, May/June 1973

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