Santa Clara Pueblo “Abstract Corn Dancer” Bronze Sculpture by Tammy Garcia [SOLD]


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Tammy Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
  • Category: Bronze Sculpture and other Carving
  • Origin: Santa Clara Pueblo, Kha'p'oo Owinge
  • Medium: bronze
  • Size:
    13” height including base;
    5-⅝” width; 4-¾” depth
  • Item # C4458B
  • SOLD

One side of three.“Abstract Corn Dancer” is a bronze sculpture by Santa Clara Pueblo artist Tammy Garcia.  This striking piece features a totally unique depiction of a subject that appears frequently in Pueblo art.  Garcia’s Corn Dancer is a fine example of a contemporary Native artist seeing traditional imagery through a modern lens.  She presents that image to the viewer in an abstracted, three-dimensional form that contains subtle elements of traditional pueblo design.  Many pueblo artworks explore the connections between the physical and spiritual worlds.  This piece—a physical depiction of a dancer’s spirit, in our interpretation—is a successful presentation of that theme.

Each of the sculpture’s four sides is different, allowing the viewer to see the abstract dancer from four different angles.  Its tones and textures are rich and beautiful, and its color variations feel natural and well-balanced.  Within its base, a spinning disc is mounted. This allows the viewer to turn the piece around without lifting it up, which enhances the tactile nature of the piece.  Interacting with Tammy Garcia’s beautiful “Abstract Corn Dancer” is a true pleasure.

Modern signature of Tammy Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo Artist“Abstract Corn Dancer” was completed in 2001 in an edition of 25.  This bronze is signed Tammy Garcia and numbered 5/25.

Tammy Garcia is an influential and successful potter and sculptor.  She is a member of Santa Clara Pueblo, but now resides in Taos, New Mexico.  The large family of talented artists from which she came includes Sara Fina Tafoya, Margaret Tafoya, Christina Naranjo, Mary Cain, and Linda Cain.  She has exhibited widely and received many notable accolades for both pottery and sculpture.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Santa Clara Pueblo "Abstract Corn Dancer" Bronze Sculpture by Tammy Garcia is from a private Colorado collection

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One side of three.