Original Drawing “Solipsism” by Margarete Bagshaw


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Margarete Bagshaw, Santa Clara Pueblo

Margarete Bagshaw's "Solipsism": A Symphony of Color and Geometry

The exquisite drawing titled "Solipsism" by Margarete Bagshaw (1964-2015), an artist known for her vibrant paintings, is a testament to her artistic prowess. Crafted with Prismacolor, renowned for being the highest quality artist colored pencils, the artwork is a visual feast of geometric shapes and colors.

The title "Solipsism" refers to the philosophical belief that the only thing one can be sure of is the existence of one's own consciousness. This concept is beautifully mirrored in the artwork, which presents a kaleidoscope of color and form that seems to spring from the artist's inner world.

The composition is a dynamic interplay of geometric shapes. Dominating the background are black triangles that give way to a circle filled with parallel lines in varying shades of gray. This stark, monochromatic backdrop serves to highlight the vibrant colors that emerge within the artwork.

A multitude of hues, including various shades of blue, gray, and red, interact with each other in a harmonious dance. The result is a soothing geometric work that captivates the viewer with its complexity and depth. The choice of colors and their arrangement varies across the piece, adding to its visual interest and appeal.

The artwork is signed "Margarete Bagshaw Tindal" in the lower right, a testament to Bagshaw's proud lineage. Born Margarete Terrazas, she was the daughter of artist Helen Hardin and the granddaughter of Santa Clara Pueblo artist Pablita Velarde. Her work continues the legacy of these influential artists, adding her unique voice to the chorus.

In conclusion, "Solipsism" is more than just a drawing. It is a visual exploration of self and consciousness, a symphony of color and geometry that reflects the inner world of the artist. It stands as a testament to Margarete Bagshaw's talent and her contribution to the world of art.

A paper label attached to the back of the painting states:

Prismacolor 1992
Margaret Bagshaw Tindal
Santa Clara Pueblo

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Original Drawing "Solipsism" by Margarete Bagshaw is from the estate of a family from Albuquerque

Recommended Reading: PABLITA VELARDE, HELEN HARDIN, MARGARET BAGSHAW: The Three Books. Little Standing Spruce Publishing, 2012.

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Alternate close-up view of a section of this painting.

Margarete Bagshaw, Santa Clara Pueblo
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