Sikyaqöqlo Flat Style Katsina Doll [SOLD]


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Artist Unknown

Qöqolo Katsinam appear in various colors representing the colors of the six directions—north, west, south, east, universe, and the underworld.  The Sikyaqölo is the yellow one and he “is the artist, practicing the art of agrarian culture and producing the colorful gifts that he brings for children at the Powanuya ceremony.”  Secakuku 1995

Powamuya is a ceremony imploring the katsinam to appear among the Hopi for the benefit of life for all mankind.  It begins in February at sunrise when Ahöla blesses the village and prepares it for the arrival of the katsinam. 

"He (Qöqöle) comes in a large group of many Qöqöle and their manas. Combining ritual with pleasure they burlesque other ceremonies while at the same time managing to 'open' the kivas.  Thus, it is possible that at one moment the kachina may be very seriously marking the four sides of the kivas to allow the other kachinas to come and visit the village, and at the next moment be kneeling on the ground to shoot marbles. Frequently they imitate the women's dances of the preceding fall." Wright 1973

On the day of the dance, the katsinam appear at sunrise with gifts for the people.  The matriarchs are given a small bundle of bean sprouts—those nurtured and grown in the kiva in preparation for this dance.  The female children are given katsina dolls, dance wands, plaques and other traditional gifts.  The young boys are given gifts such as lightning sticks. rattles, bows and arrows, and moccasins.  These gifts confirm to the children that their behavior has been approved by the katsinam.

Flat katsina dolls, such as this one, are gifted to the infants during the first few years of their lives.  As they grow and get older, their gifts expand as mentioned above.  This flat doll appears to date to the 1930s or 1940s.


Condition: very good condition

Provenance: from a gentleman from Santa Fe


-        Following the Sun and Moon Hopi Kachina Tradition by Alph H. Secakuku

-        Kachinas a Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Barton Wright

Alternate Side view of this Flat Kachina.

Artist Unknown
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