Large Round Silver Tray on Legs by Dale A. Harris [SOLD]


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Dale A. Harris
  • Category: Silver Objects
  • Origin: Western Artists
  • Medium: sterling silver
  • Size: 5-⅛” diameter
  • Item # C4281.39
  • SOLD

This heavy gauge sterling silver round tray is mounted on four round balls for legs and scallop edges with stamped designs of arches enclosing silver dots and sawtooth edges.  Below that row of design is a row consisting of three vertical black bars which rests on the next inner row of recessed silver bars. The inner design band is a row of diamonds, each surrounding a diamond shape or star.  The design in the center of the tray is a four-petal flower. On its outer edge are three arched impressions that lend a feeling of motion to the central design.

This artist signs his creations D. A. Harris, Santa Fe, N.M. and the word Sterling. The tray is the largest in the collection of a dozen or more silver trays in the collection we recently received.   It is signed D. A. Harris, Santa Fe, N.M. and Sterling.  Harris is a Santa Fe artist known for making jewelry in silver and gold but no mention is made that he is a Native American artist, so it is assumed that he is not.

Condition: this Large Round Silver Tray on Legs by Dale A. Harris is in very good condition

Provenance: from the collection of a client from Washington, DC

Recommended Reading: Masterworks and Eccentricities: The Druckman Collection by Robert Bauver

Alternate side view of this silver tray - to show the legs.