Small Octagonal Jar by Margaret and Luther Gutierrez


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Margaret and Luther Gutierrez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potters

This octagonal polychrome pottery jar was made by Margaret and Luther Gutierrez of Santa Clara Pueblo. The polychrome design over the beige slip is both pleasing and intriguing, with four unique images each repeated twice around the jar. The unique color palette used here is a trademark of this notable pottery family's style.

The images depicted are a turtle set between two traditional Pueblo design patterns, a buffalo dancer holding an arrow in each hand, an avanyu breathing out lightning, and a bird with inverted rain clouds on its back. The identically sized spaces frame the designs quite well, offering an image on which to reflect with each turn of the jar. The modest size of this piece would make it an excellent addition or beginning to any pueblo pottery collection.

Artists’ signature of Margaret Gutierrez (1936-2018) and Luther Gutierrez (1911-1987) Santa Clara PuebloThe bottom of the jar is signed Margaret / Luther.

Margaret (1936-2018) and Luther (1911-1987) Gutierrez were the children of potters Lela and Van Gutierrez. Lela and Van developed one of the most distinctive and recognizable styles of pueblo pottery. Their use of multicolored pigments to decorate pottery is unique. Margaret and her brother Luther continued painting in this style, and began to create animals and small whimsical figurines. The duo received many notable awards for their work. After Luther passed away, Margaret carried on the tradition on her own.

Condition: excellent condition with minor soiling on the interior

Provenance: this Small Octagonal Jar by Margaret and Luther Gutierrez is from a private collection of a client of the gallery

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Alternate view of this pottery jar.

Margaret and Luther Gutierrez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potters
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