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Very Large Open Bowl by Frog Woman


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Joy Navasie (1919 - 2012) second Frog Woman - Yellow Flower

Picture of Joy Navasie Frog Woman Yellow Flower of Hopi Pueblo. Photo (right) courtesy of Rick Dillingham, Fourteen Families In Pueblo Pottery.

This bowl is a major accomplishment by Joy Navasie.  It is exceptionally large and beautifully presented.  The walls have a mathematically-precise curve with a significant overhang at the rim.  A 1-3/4-inch wide band of painted design fills the exterior wall and a Sikyatki-inspired design fills the interior bottom.  There is a beautiful golden blush on the exterior from the firing process. Joy Navasie was an accomplished potter who earned the praise bestowed on her and her work.

Joy put web feet on her frogs and Paqua used short lines for toes.  Joy was the first potter to inherit the Frog Woman name.  Her mother, Paqua Naha, was the first Frog Woman and, when she passed away in 1955, the Frog Woman name passed on to Joy.  Her mother was also her mentor and Joy began making pottery around 1935 and apparently began using a frog hallmark on her pottery around 1939 although it was different from that of her mom’s.  Joy put web feet on her frogs and Paqua used short lines for toes.  Joy said that her mom was the first to produce white pottery at Hopi and had started doing so around 1951 or 1952.


Condition: very small amount of spalling to the surface

Provenance: from the personal collection of a member of San Ildefonso Pueblo

Recommended Reading and Source Photo of Artist: Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham (1952-1994).

Close up view of the designs on this vessel.

Joy Navasie (1919 - 2012) second Frog Woman - Yellow Flower
C3910A-bowl2.jpgC3910A-large2.jpg Click on image to view larger.