Original Santa Fe Painting titled “Poplar Sunset” by Robert Daughters


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Robert Daughters, Western Painter
  • Category: Paintings
  • Origin: Western Artists
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Size:
    11-¾” x 8-¾” image;
    22-¼” x 19-½” framed
  • Item # C4426G
  • Price: $6,500.00

“Poplar Sunset” is an original oil painting by Robert Daughters.  The artist’s story—visiting New Mexico, falling in love with the land, and moving here to live and work—is a common one, but his work is anything but ordinary.  Stylistically, it’s unique, but it manages to maintain a sense of realism.  Daughters’ love of the land is apparent in his work, and that enthusiasm carries over to the many collectors who appreciate his paintings.

“Poplar Sunset” is a fine example of Daughters’ ability to capture the magic hiding within the natural world.  Here, we see a group of Poplar trees set in front of a black background.  The surrounding plants begin to look purple and green as the night sky takes over, but the Poplars’ vivid orange and yellow tones refuse to fade into the darkness.  It’s stylish and dreamlike, drawing the viewer into its atmosphere and inviting them to wander around for a while.  Though Daughters provides just enough detail (and a clear title) to tell us what’s happening here, the image feels mysterious and alluring.  This is an excellent example of Robert Daughters’ work.

Robert Daughters (1929-2013) signatureOriginal Painting titled “Poplar Gold” by Robert DaughtersThe painting is signed R. Daughters in lower left.  It is framed in an elaborately carved frame under a fabric mat.  It is identical in size to “Poplar Gold” and we suggest the two pieces be considered as a pair.

Robert Daughters (1929-2013) was raised in St. Joseph, Missouri. After graduation from high school and three years in the military, he worked as a Curator of Display at the St. Joseph Museum of Natural History while attending the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design.  During a 1953 visit to Taos, New Mexico, Daughters discovered the beauty of the Southwest. He and his family made their move to Santa Fe in 1970, then to Taos in 1972.  Rather than describe himself as an impressionist or expressionist, Daughters says he is a "composist"—his term for an artist who creates paintings with color harmony, the contrast of light and dark values and, above all, structure. His work is created from photographs, charcoal sketches and small plein air oil studies. The emphasis is on structure, an orderly arrangement of shapes, tones and atmospheric effect.  Daughters received many well-deserved awards and accolades during his career. Today, he is regarded as a significant and influential figure in the world of Southwestern art.

Condition: this Original Santa Fe Painting titled "Poplar Sunset" by Robert Daughters is in excellent condition

Recommended Reading: ROBERT DAUGHTERS - After the Formative Years, Munson Publishing, Santa Fe, 2007

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Close up view of a section of this painting.