Alton Komalestewa, Hopi-Tewa Artist

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Alton Komalestewa (b.1959) signature

Hopi-Tewa artist Alton Komalestewa was married to the daughter of Santa Clara Pueblo potter Helen Shupla and Hopi Pueblo carver Kenneth Shupla. He lived with the Shupla family at Santa Clara Pueblo and even learned pottery making from Helen Shupla. Therefore, his pottery has a resemblance in style to her work. Following the deaths of all the Shuplas, Alton Komalestewa returned to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona.

Alton Komalestewa (b.1959 - ) is also the youngest son of Austin Komalestewa and Emily Shupla. As a Hopi, Alton is related through his father to Nampeyo of Hano, Alton's great grandmother.

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