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Origin: Santa Clara Pueblo, Kha'p'oo Owinge

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Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Black pottery has been made at Santa Clara Pueblo for generations.  Potters at the pueblo were making many pieces of black pottery in the late 1800s for tourists and nearby households in Santa Fe and Espanola.  Santa Clara potters used a decorating method not used by other pueblos—that is they impressed a design into the wet clay, such as bear paw designs. Additionally, the potters at Santa Clara produce red pottery and polychrome pieces, often carving their designs into the clay.

Margaret Tafoya might be the best known name in Santa Clara Pottery; many of her ancestors and descendents found success in the arts as well. A visit to Santa Fe Indian Market will reveal dozens of successful Santa Clara potters, many of whom have created unique variations of the traditional carved redware and blackware. Many notable painters have emerged from Santa Clara as well.