Acoma Pueblo White Corrugated Pottery Owl Figurine by Jessie Garcia [SOLD]


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Jessie C. Garcia, Acoma Pueblo Potter
  • Category: Figurines
  • Origin: Acoma Pueblo, Haak’u
  • Medium: clay, pigment
  • Size: 7-¼” height x 5-½” diameter
  • Item # C4458G
  • SOLD

Artist Signature - Jessie C. Garcia, Acoma Pueblo PotterAcoma Pueblo artist Jessie Garcia cleverly defined the pottery owl’s feathers through corrugation of the upper body, leaving the lower body plain and stone-polished white lay.  The lateral wings and tail were defined by painted feathers.  Eyes and beak were highlighted with orange pigment.  The owl is signed Jessie Garcia Acoma, N-Mex.

Jessie Garcia (1910-1999) was considered by Rick Dillingham (author of Acoma & Laguna Pottery—see link below) as one of the three most important 20th century potters from Acoma Pueblo, along with Lucy Lewis and Marie Z. Chino.  She was the mother of Anita Lowden and Stella Shutiva and the mother-in-law of Sarah Garcia, all three of whom are recognized as outstanding potters. In 1941, Museum of New Mexico director Kenneth Chapman donated a Jessie Garcia seed jar to the Indian Arts Fund. The Indian Arts Fund purchased a Jessie Garcia bowl from Mrs. William J. Lippincott, and then, in 1966, the Indian Arts Fund made a direct purchase of a bowl from Jessie at Santa Fe Indian Market. These acquisitions indicate the esteem that the Indian Arts Fund had for the work of this potter.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Acoma Pueblo White Corrugated Pottery Owl Figurine by Jessie Garcia is from the collection of a gentleman from Colorado

Reference: Acoma & Laguna Pottery by Rick Dillingham

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Alternate view looking downward at this owl figurine.