Black-on-black Pottery Jar signed Marie & Santana [SOLD]


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Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

The Martinez Master Work: A Black-on-Black Pottery Jar by Maria and Santana Martinez

This black-on-black pottery jar is a testament to the artistic prowess of the influential San Ildefonso potter, Maria Martinez, and her talented daughter-in-law, Santana Martinez. In the creation of collaborative pieces such as this one, Maria would skillfully shape the pot, while her family members, in this case Santana, would enhance it with painted designs. This piece showcases Maria's ability to craft a beautifully shaped jar, which Santana has embellished with a design that is both simple and powerful.

The design features an element composed of three triangular forms, a motif that is repeated four times, cascading from the rim down to the jar's subtly ridged shoulder. Interposed between these triangular elements are groups of four horizontal lines, seamlessly linking each design into a larger, continuous pattern. The jar's wider bottom half is intentionally left unpainted, allowing the highly polished slip to radiate its natural beauty. This jar stands as an excellent exemplar of the harmonious collaborative work of Maria and Santana Martinez, a fusion of their individual talents into a singular, stunning piece of art.

Artists' signatures of Maria and Santana Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potters

The bottom of the jar is signed Marie + Santana.

San Ildefonso Pueblo artist Maria Martinez (1887-1980) Poveka is probably the most famous of all pueblo potters. She and her husband Julian discovered in 1918 how to produce the now-famous Black-on-black pottery, and they spent the remainder of their careers perfecting and producing it for museums and collectors worldwide. Martinez' daughter-in-law Santana (1909-2002) painted designs on the famous pueblo matriarch's pottery. Though best known for her work with the famous family into which she married, Santana came from a long line of talented painters and potters. Her grandmother, Dominguita Pino Martinez, was a famous potter and her brother, Awa Tsireh, was a famous painter.

Condition: very good condition, light abrasions around rim

Provenance: this Black-on-black Pottery Jar signed Marie & Santana is from a private Colorado collection

Reference: The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez by Richard L. Spivey

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Alternate view of this blackware jar.

Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter
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