Elizabeth Naranjo Modern Carved Blackware Jar


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Elizabeth Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

This modern carved blackware pottery jar was expertly created by Elizabeth Naranjo of Santa Clara Pueblo. This is a small jar, at least in comparison to other pieces by Elizabeth that we've seen recently. It resembles a cylinder or cup in certain ways, but it is identical in height and diameter.

Naranjo polished the piece skillfully, resulting in a glassy, reflective black surface. Carved designs in a variety of forms appear around the jar's exterior. They are centered around the jar's widest point. An additional horizontal line appears down below, circling the jar beneath the carved designs. There is nothing too complex about this piece; rather, it is a wonderful example of the technical perfection that a skilled potter can achieve when working on a smaller scale.

Artist signature of Elizabeth Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterThe jar's bottom is signed Elizabeth Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo.

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Elizabeth Naranjo (1929-2017) had a long career, producing many beautiful pottery vessels over the years. Her work was well above the average for blackware. Every pottery piece she made was exceptional—even small bowls, which some may consider insignificant, illustrate her attention to detail. Naranjo was the daughter of Pablita Chavarria and Jose Chavarria of Santa Clara Pueblo. She was an exceptional potter who won many awards for her work, including numerous prizes at Santa Fe Indian Market. Her sisters, Clara Shije, Reycita Naranjo, Florence Browning, and Mary Singer are also potters of distinction.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Elizabeth Naranjo Modern Carved Blackware Jar is from a private New Mexico collection

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Elizabeth Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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