Extraordinary Miniature Black Pottery Jar by Nancy Youngblood [SOLD]


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Nancy Youngblood, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Nancy Youngblood has here created, in miniature scale, a large black jar with a rainbow shoulder and long graceful neck made famous by her mother, Margaret Tafoya. There are differences, however. Margaret’s black jars generally featured bear paws on the neck, and a plain rim. Nancy’s miniature version is devoid of the bear paws, and the rim flares out in a squash blossom style.  

The body of the jar rests on a very small base and flares outward beautifully to its maximum width before turning inward to a point on which the neck section gently rests.  The neck, if viewed separately from the jar, is a perfect squash blossom.  The burnish is mirror-finish and the firing produced a beautiful strong black color.

Artist Signature - Nancy Youngblood, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterNancy Youngblood (1955- ) Yellow Aspen is the granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya and daughter of Mela Youngblood.  She is a master crafts person and certainly one of the most famous younger potters of today.  Nancy is known for her patience in making the most precise and perfect pottery.  She spares no effort in producing the perfect pot. As true with all of Nancy’s work, this piece is spectacular. It is simple in style and elegant in that simplicity. The jar is signed Nancy Youngblood Cutler 1981.

Condition: this Extraordinary Miniature Black Pottery Jar by Nancy Youngblood is in original condition

Provenance: from a client in Virginia to whom we sold this in 2009. Previously from a client in California.

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This is extraordinary workmanship at any scale.
Nancy Youngblood, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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