Hopi Navan’katsina, Velvet Shirt Katsina Doll from the Fred Harvey Collection


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Carver Unknown

This is a carving of the Hopi Navan or Velvet Shirt Katsina.  It appears that it has suffered in a fire or perhaps from water damage.  If so, it was possibly repainted in part as the ears and snout should be red, not black.  It would be strange that those items would be repainted but the kilt and face would not be.  There is no reason to believe it is not authentic Hopi carved but these changes are unaccountable.

The doll is mounted on a square black wood platform of the style used by the Fred Harvey Company on many of its katsina dolls.  There is a spot on the back of the kilt where a Fred Harvey style paper label was located, which would indicate a Fred Harvey provenance. 

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Close up view of the Katsina face.

Carver Unknown
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