Unusually Shaped Hopi Large Polychrome Jar by Stetson Setalla


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Stetson Setalla, Hopi Pueblo Potter

This unusually shaped, large polychrome jar by Stetson Setalla is decorated in the traditional Hopi style, reminiscent of prehistoric Sikyatki pottery. The "rolled-lip" jar features what appears to be a simplified depiction of a one-horned buffalo dancer, alternating with what appears to be a "key" design. This design, which resembles the Greek key or meander pattern, holds meaning by representing eternity and continuity. The unbroken, repetitive pattern symbolizes the endless cycle of life, nature, and the universe.

Setalla covered the entire surface with paint splatters, then meticulously painted the designs in alternating stippled and solid areas of dark brown and black above the shoulder on the naturally colored clay body. The bottom of the jar is incised with "S. Setalla" alongside the artist's raincloud moniker.

Artist signature of Stetson Setalla, Hopi PotterStetson Setalla (1962 - ), a member of the Bear Clan from the Hopi Pueblo's Mishongnovi village, has been an active potter since 1980. He is the grandson of renowned potters Roscoe Navasie, Agnes Navasie, and Josephine Setalla, and the son of Pauline and Justin Setalla. Stetson learned pottery from his mother, Pauline Setalla, and began creating pottery at age 19. His siblings Gwen Setalla, Agnes Nahsonhoya, Dee Setalla, Justina Setalla, and Karen Namoki are also potters.

Stetson's pottery is made from native clay and signed "S. Setalla" with a raincloud. Enrolled in the First Mesa village of Sichomovi, his work reflects his deep cultural roots and artistic heritage. He describes pottery as a source of serenity, self-worth, and inner peace, and emphasizes the importance of good thoughts and a clear mind in his creative process. Alongside his pottery, Stetson works as a seasonal firefighter with the Coconino Forest Service.

In his own words: "I began pottery at 19, guided by my mother. Although it started as a hobby, it has become my main source of income and brings me peace. Good thoughts and a good heart are essential in creating each pot, as the designs flow through my mind into my hands."

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Unusually Shaped Hopi Large Polychrome Jar by Stetson Setalla is from a client of Adobe Gallery

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Alternate view of this pottery jar.

Stetson Setalla, Hopi Pueblo Potter
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