Maria Martinez Highly Burnished Black San Ildefonso Pottery Jar [SOLD]


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Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

Even if one has not heard of renowned potter Maria Martinez, the appeal of this jar is universal.  Globular and petite, one can hold a small world in their hands with this lovely blackware jar.  

There is a history to each piece of pottery, and maybe even a story.  Although Maria made pottery for the better part of a century, she passed away 40 years ago, preventing us from confirming what may be true about the circumstances around this piece.  It may be deduced, however, that she made this in a moment of freedom, for the shape is organic and flawless.  It must have been a joy to create.

Artist Signature of Maria Poveka Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter Maria took her time preparing this highly polished vessel. Together— with its simplicity of form combined with her artistic intuition—a one of a kind, wonderful jar has been manifested.  It is signed on the bottom with her native name Maria Poveka.

Maria Martinez (1887-1980) Poveka was a woman who practiced what she loved for the better part of a century.  There are books written about her, stories recounted and endless products of these: her creations in pottery.  She worked with many of her family members over the years and experimented with a range of artistic concepts.  Without having the privilege of speaking with the artists it can be surmised she must have had a strong and true passion for her work. For even amid the heartbreak of life— which included in the very least the untimely loss of her husband, son, and grandson—Maria made pottery.  We are more than fortunate and beyond grateful to experience her creativity and fortitude by way of beholding her pieces.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Maria Martinez Highly Burnished Black San Ildefonso Pottery Jar is from a private Texas collection

Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter
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