Santa Clara Pueblo Black Carved Globular Jar [SOLD]


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Jennie Trammel, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

As we have stated before, Jennie Trammel was an amazing potter, producing some of the most beautiful pueblo pottery ever.  Unfortunately, she made fewer pottery items than any of the other daughters of Margaret Tafoya. She had a full-time job away from Santa Clara Pueblo and had little time for making pottery.  Interestingly, she was absolutely a phenomenal potter and produced the most beautiful carved wares of the twentieth century.

At first glance, one might overlook that the carved outline of this jar features the revered Avanyu, or water serpent, often seen on Santa Clara and San Ildefonso potteries.  The artist modernized the serpent somewhat so it is not obviously apparent that it is an Avanyu. The lightning from the Avanyu’s mouth has been curled around rather than protruding straight out.  

Jennie Trammel (1929 -2010) signatureThe vessel is signed Jennie Trammel on the underside.  

Condition: this Santa Clara Pueblo Black Carved Globular Jar is in excellent condition

Provenance: from a gentleman Southwest Indian Pottery collector from New Mexico

Recommended Reading:  Born of Fire: The Pottery of Margaret Tafoya by Charles King

Close up view of side panel carving design.

Jennie Trammel, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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