Santa Clara Pueblo Exquisitely Carved Black Pottery Jar by Linda Tafoya-Sanchez


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Linda Tafoya-Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Linda Tafoya-Sanchez divided the design concept of this pottery jar into five different bands.  Starting from the top of the vessel, the stove-pipe neck is filled with vertical and parallel polished bars, each separated by a thin matte line.  The next panel of design consists of Greek-key elements encircling the lower neck. On the shoulder are two Avanyu, or water serpents, wrapped around to the point where the two meet, from which a lightning bolt extends from each.  At the midbody of the jar is a series of Greek-key elements. The final panel, below mid-body, is a series of feathers that extend to the base of the jar. Each of these designs is highly polished to perfection.

Linda Tafoya-Sanchez (1962 - ) formerly signed her pottery Linda Tafoya Oyenque, now she signs as Linda Tafoya-Sanchez.  Same person, same beautiful pottery. She is a daughter of Lee and Betty Tafoya and granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya. She credits her aunt Mary Esther Archuleta for training her to be a potter. Sara Fina Tafoya seems to have set the standard for members of her family and their output of black pottery.  All the family members produce magnificent pottery.

This is an amazing jar with an enormously beautiful design concept and execution. The artist demonstrated her mastery of the process.

Condition: this Santa Clara Pueblo Exquisitely Carved Black Pottery Jar by Linda Tafoya-Sanchez is new

Provenance: from the artist

Recommended Reading: Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter's Heritage and Legacy by Mary Ellen and Laurence Blair

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Linda Tafoya-Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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