Santa Clara Pueblo Melon Jar by Linda Tafoya-Sanchez [SOLD]


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Linda Tafoya-Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Only a potter of extreme patience and talent could accomplish such a feat as this exquisite melon jar.  That potter is Linda Tafoya-Sanchez,  granddaughter of Margaret Tafoya and daughter of Margaret Tafoya's son, Lee, also an accomplished potter.

Artist Signature of Linda Tafoya-Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterThe shape and carving of the swirls on this melon jar are graceful in their uniformity.  The hand-carved curves evenly expand as they move down the exterior of the jar—as if it is a flower or otherwise naturally occurring geometric pattern.  The curves and grooves have been expertly hand rock-polished, and extreme care was taken in application of the alternating slip colors of brick red and tan.  This melon jar is as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye—with a heaviness that grounds the shape with perfection. 

Linda is an award-winning Tewa potter and her accomplishments have been recognized by awards from Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum Guild, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts and others. She was selected by the State of New Mexico to make a pottery vessel for presentation to the Prince of Spain.

This spectacular brick red melon jar is truly a masterpiece.  It is signed Linda Tafoya Santa Clara Pueblo.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance this Santa Clara Pueblo Melon Jar by Linda Tafoya-Sanchez is from the estate of Henry Christensen III, former attorney at law of New York City to whom we sold this in 2011.


- Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham

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Alternate view of this redware jar.

Linda Tafoya-Sanchez, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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