Hopi Baskets from the Allan Nelson Collection

December 10, 2020 until February 01, 2021


Hopi baskets are rich in beauty and cultural significance.  Like the pottery produced at First Mesa, the baskets made at Second and Third Mesas celebrate their makers’ connection with their land.  Even today, these baskets are made using little more than plant materials and sunlight.  The creation of one basket requires countless hours of work and a great deal of knowledge.  Their significance to the Hopi people cannot be understated.  They are used as gifts, prizes, currency and—most significantly—a wide variety of ceremonial purposes.

We are pleased to present a large selection of Hopi baskets from the collection of Allan Nelson, a major collector of Native art.  Many of these baskets are featured in Gregory Schaaf’s American Indian Baskets 1: 1,500 Artist Biographies.

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