Alma Concha Very Large Pottery Storyteller Figurine with 11 Children [SOLD]


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Alma Loretto Concha, Taos Pueblo Potter
  • Category: Figurines
  • Origin: Taos Pueblo, Tuah-Tah
  • Medium: clay, slip
  • Size: 11” tall x 8” deep x 5-½” wide
  • Item # C4401.48
  • SOLD

This seated female storyteller by Alma Concha was made at the time Alma lived at Taos Pueblo.  The prime background color is cream and accent colors are rust.  Both are natural clay slips.  The adult is wearing a dress of cream color with painted designs of rust color.  In typical fashion of this potter, feathers were painted on the back shawl

The grandmother figure and all the children were executed without detailed face designs.  The sculpted nose is the only feature.  This is typical of the figurines made by Alma.

Artist Signature - Alma Loretto Concha, Pueblo PotterAlma Loretto Concha (1941 – present) is one of six Loretto sisters originally from Jemez Pueblo. Her sisters are Mary Toya, Fannie Loretto, Lupe Lucero, Edna Coriz, and Dorothy Trujillo.  She began learning the techniques of making pottery as a child and has continued during her adult life.  Her first storyteller was made in 1969 after she married and moved to Taos Pueblo.

Alma has been known as Alma Loretto, Alma Concha, and now, Alma Maestas.  In 1979, she was a part of the landmark Albuquerque Museum exhibit "One Space: Three Visions."  Three years later, she was included in an article in National Geographic Magazine.

Condition: this Alma Concha Very Large Pottery Storyteller Figurine with 11 Children is in original condition

Provenance: this storyteller was purchased by Adobe Gallery from Alma in June 1980 and sold to the client from whom we now have it back.

Recommended Reading: The Pueblo Storyteller: Development of a Figurative Ceramic Tradition by Barbara Babcock

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Close up view.