Crucita Melchor Black-on-Cream Jar with Floral Designs [SOLD]


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Crucita Melchor, Kewa Pueblo Potter

This black-on-cream jar was made by Crucita Melchor of Kewa Pueblo. Melchor was born in 1932, and we do not know if she is still active as a potter. She did receive a few notable accolades for her work, which is unsurprising given the quality of this example.

The vessel shape is unique and appealing. One might call it a vase or a flowerpot, which would work perfectly with the floral designs that adorn the exterior. Four large, intricate flowers appear, rising from the pair of framing lines that circle the jar just above the red base. Each one is unique in design, and all are beautifully painted. Smaller flowers appear down below, and rain clouds hang from the pair of lines that circle the rim.

Artist signature of Crucita Melchor, Kewa Pueblo PotterThe bottom of the pot is signed Crucita Melchor, Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Crucita Melchor (ca. 1932- ) of Kewa Pueblo is the daughter of Santana Melchor, who taught her daughter the art of pottery making. Crucita became active in the 1950s, using traditional methods and materials to make jars, OLLAs, and bowls. She has received awards for her work, been honored as a focus artist in Santa Fe Indian Market Magazine and placed in multiple prominent museum collections.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Crucita Melchor Black-on-Cream Jar with Floral Designs is from a private Santa Fe collection

References: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf

TAGS: Southwest Indian PotteryKewa Pueblo (Santo Domingo)Santana Melchor

Crucita Melchor, Kewa Pueblo Potter
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