Dream State 18, Original Painting by Hopi Pueblo Artist Dan Namingha [SOLD]


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Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist

“Dream State #18” is an original acrylic painting by Hopi-Tewa artist Dan Namingha.  This canvas, which was completed in 1994, features three katsinas.  One stands tall in the center of the image, facing the viewer directly.  The other two stand off in the distance, facing the opposite direction.  The central katsina is carefully defined, while the other two are obscured by distance.  It is a simple, strong composition that will appeal to collectors who appreciate Hopi imagery.

Namingha’s imaginative use of color is what elevates “Dream State #18” above the ordinary.  The words “warm” and “tropical” come to mind when exploring its color scheme.  The left side of the image is dominated by a brilliant progression from orange to yellow.  Pinks and purples appear, separating the central katsina from the beautiful background.  Then, on the right side, cool blues and greens take over.  On the far right side, a thin border of orange appears, balancing out the image.  It feels as though Namingha’s intention was to place his katsinas somewhere far away from the Arizona desert.  “Dream State #18”, then, is a fitting title for this wonderful painting.

Artist signature of Dan Namingha, Hopi Pueblo Artist The painting is signed Namingha in lower left.  The canvas is wrapped around a wood frame.  Its exterior edges are painted black.  The following text is written on verso: “Dream State #18, 1994 Dan Namingha”.

Dan Namingha (1950- ) is a Hopi-Tewa painter and sculptor who comes from a long line of influential artists.  Namingha is the son of Dextra Quotskuyva Nampeyo. His great grandmother was Annie Healing Nampeyo, and his grandmother was Rachel Namingha Nampeyo.  He was raised on the Hopi reservation. Namingha studied at University of Kansas, Institute of American Indian Arts, and the American Academy of Art.  His list of awards, accolades, notable exhibitions, and major collectors is long and varied. Namingha is frequently referred to as one of the most successful Native American artists working today.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Dream State 18, Original Painting by Hopi Pueblo Artist Dan Namingha is from a gentleman living in Virginia

Recommended Reading: Namingha: Timeless Land And Enduring Images by Author Unknown

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Close up view of a section of this painting.