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Very Large Magnificent Black Carved Jar


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Margaret Tafoya (1904 - 2001) Maria Margarita Tafoya - Corn Blossom

Occasionally a black polished jar just takes one’s breath away.  That was the effect this jar had on staff at the gallery and has had on clients who walk in to the gallery and see it.  We all know that Margaret Tafoya was an amazing potter who produced large and magnificent wares, but, even so, it is still an emotional shock to see a jar that is so commanding of one’s attention because it is so visually magnificent and so elegant and regal.  Those may be adjectives not normally ascribed to pottery but they are appropriate for this jar.


Artist Signature - Margaret Tafoya (1904 - 2001) Maria Margarita Tafoya - Corn BlossomAt over 17 inches tall and 14 inches across, this jar makes a statement attesting to just how important it is.  Margaret must have been very proud of it when she removed it from the firing. One can only have respect and admiration for Margaret Tafoya after seeing this traditional jar made from natural materials and formed by hand.  Adhering to the strictest details of tradition, that are over a thousand years old, Margaret formed this magnificent jar to absolute perfection.


Condition: original condition:

Provenance: from the collection of Dennis and Janis Lyon, Scottsdale

Recommended ReadingBorn of Fire: The Pottery of Margaret Tafoya by Charles King

Close up view of the carving and polish of this jar.

Margaret Tafoya (1904 - 2001) Maria Margarita Tafoya - Corn Blossom
C3853A-tafoya.jpg Click on image to view larger.