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November 23, 2007 until January 06, 2008

Since the 1970s, nativity sets have been popular with collectors as highlights of their Christmas decorating theme. These popular folk art pottery sets feature the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus with a decidedly Native American twist.

Adobe Gallery will reinstate a holiday tradition it began in 1979 of exhibiting pueblo pottery “Nacimientos” or nativity sets made by New Mexico pueblo potters. This long-standing tradition started when Adobe Gallery was located in Albuquerque’s Old Town. Now the gallery is located in Santa Fe and will reestablish this old gallery tradition.

In their own tradition, the Indian artisans have made the figurines in the likeness of Indians. The Blessed Mother may wear her hair up in a chonga, be wrapped in an Indian blanket, and be wearing moccasins. Joseph may have long, wrapped braids, moccasins and an Indian sash. The Three Wise Men may bring gifts of Indian bread, green chilies, a rabbit, or maybe a bowl of stew or several ears of corn. Baby Jesus may be dressed in beaded buckskin or wrapped in an Indian blanket. The animals around the manger may be black bears, deer, antelope or rabbits.

During the exhibit, the now out-of-print book Nacimientos, Nativity Scenes by Southwest Indian Artisans will be available on a limited basis. All of the nativity sets will be available for purchase.

Adobe Gallery Recommended Reading:
Nacimientos - Nativity Scenes
by Southwest Indian Artisans
(click here to view details of book)
by Doris Monthan, et al.
(A limited number of this out-of-print book is available at Adobe Gallery).