Pueblo Storytellers

February 10, 2006 until March 31, 2006

Pueblo Pottery Storytellers and other figurines from the 1980-1990 period.

It was only 42 years ago that a new creation in an artistic form was born. In 1964, the first storyteller was created at Cochiti Pueblo by now the most famous potter, Helen Cordero. The storyteller figurine has taken the place of the historic figurative pottery. This reinvented idea was eventually adapted by other potters who were inspired by Helen\'s work.

It was Helen\'s ability to create a tangible form of a very old tradition of an elder capturing the attention of the children. Helen viewed her Grandfather sitting alongside the pueblo wall teaching the children in a story form. It was this vision that inspired Helen to create the first male storyteller.

Today storyteller figurines are the single most sold item in pueblo art. Adobe Gallery is proud to announce the opening of a storyteller show and exhibit, representing dolls from several Pueblos. It is our great honor to be able to show some of the most creative designs from some of the most famous potters.