San Ildefonso Pueblo Matriarch Maria Martinez and Family

December 07, 2021 until March 07, 2022

San Ildefonso Pueblo matriarch Maria Martinez needs no introduction, as her innovative work has been collected, exhibited, and celebrated internationally for many years.  Maria’s influence on the world of Native pottery continues to evolve long after her retirement and eventual passing.

Collaboration was an integral part of Maria’s process. During her long and fruitful career, she worked extensively with various family members, including her husband Julian Martinez, her sons Popovi Da and Adam Martinez, and her daughter-in-law Santana Martinez. Her grandson Tony Da became one of the most notable descendants, creating groundbreaking works that rank among the most collectible and valuable pieces of pueblo pottery.

We are pleased to present an impressive collection of exemplary works by Maria and her extraordinarily talented family members.  Collaborative pieces and solo projects stand side-by-side in this collection, providing a fascinating look at the legacy of this talented family.  Those who are familiar with these artists will recognize that most of these pieces use relatively simple designs. The timeless elegance of these vessels is endlessly compelling, and the rich history of familial collaboration adds to their beauty and cultural significance.

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