Zuni Pueblo, SHE-WE-NA

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Southwest Indian Zuni Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

Zuni Pueblo Seal - Photo Source: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Website.Over 9,000 Zuni (who call themselves the "A:shiwi") live on their reservation in western New Mexico. Zuni Pueblo is the most remote pueblo in New Mexico.  It is located somewhat near to Acoma and Laguna Pueblos, but quite a distance from the Rio Grande pueblos.  In addition to its isolation on the western edge of the state, Zuni residents also speak a language different from all the other pueblos.  The language is unique to the Zuni.

Early Zuni pottery has been classified as Ashiwi Polychrome (1700-1760) and Kiapkwa Polychrome (1760-1850).  Today’s classification, Zuni Polychrome, started around 1850.

Located thirty-four miles south of Gallup, Zuni was originally thought to be one of the “Seven Cities of Gold” by the Spanish. While visitors may not find gold, they will find exquisite silver and turquoise jewelry, unique stone-carved fetishes, and amazing pottery. Zuni is currently the most populous pueblo. Zuni Pueblo's Saint is Our Lady of Guadalupe but they do not celebrate a Feast Day.

Photo Source: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Website.