Southwestern Landscapes and Portraits by New Mexico Artists

January 10, 2020 until March 27, 2020

While we are known for showing the best in early Native American paintings, we are interested in many other areas as well.  This collection of paintings highlights the works of a wide variety of Non-Native artists, each of whom lived and worked in the Southwest at some point in their career.

The rich and mysterious beauty of the Southwest provided the inspiration for the majority of these works.  Some are grounded and realistic, others are exagerrated and dreamlike.  All are worthy of the consideration of collectors who appreciate this very special region.  The collection also includes works inspired by the people of the Southwest.  Finally, linking the collection back to our primary area of interest, the collection includes a pair of incredible depictions of pueblo pots.

We encourage you to enjoy looking at and reading about these paintings.  The majority of these works are on the walls of the gallery's front room, and we encourage you to come have a look.  We are pleased to present this collection of Southwestern landscapes and portraits by New Mexico artists.  

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