Special Exhibit: Pueblo Dough Bowls and Storage Jars

August 05, 2019 until October 12, 2019

The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona are gifted potters, painters, and jewelers with longstanding traditions of artistic creation.  Some of their very best artistic accomplishments were pieces made for personal use—their dough bowls and storage jars, particularly those made for use at the pueblos during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

These impressive works in clay must be seen in person to be appreciated.  “Special Exhibit: Pueblo Dough Bowls and Storage Jars,” Adobe Gallery’s August historic pottery exhibit, will allow the viewer to see thirty of these rare, beautiful jars and bowls in one place.  The exhibit will include works from ten different pueblos, providing the viewer with an excellent look at the intricacies of each of these pueblos’ designs.

“Special Exhibit: Pueblo Dough Bowls and Storage Jars” will open on Monday, August 5 with reception from 5-7 PM, and will continue through September.  The exhibit will run concurrently alongside Adobe Gallery’s Aguilar Pottery exhibit and Artworks of San Ildefonso Pueblo exhibit.

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